NO.1 Which two properties are available when creating alerts based on statistics from Analytics?A. ThresholdB. Baseline: distance fromC. Reset: limitD. Timing: for at leastAnswer: A,DOracle試験準備 1z0-414パッケージExplanation:These are alerts based on the statistics from Analytics in Oracle ZFSStorage Appliance Analytics Guide . The following are properties when creating threshold alerts:Table 9-2 Threshold Alert PropertiesPropertyDescriptionThreshold The threshold statistic is from[...]


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Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Implementation EssentialsExam Number: 1Z0-414 / 1Z0-414Duration: 120 minutesAssociated Certifications: OPN Certified Specialist , Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Certified Implementation Specialist Number of Questions: 75Exam Product Version: NAS Administration,Passing Score: 60% Exam Price: US$ 150Validated Against: This exam has been validated against ZS3.format: Multiple Choice Recommended Training TOPICSSun ZFS Storage Appliance OverviewExplain systems features Descr[...]