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試験科目:IBM System Storage DS8000 Technical Solutions
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Customer Requirements (18%)

Identify customer business drivers and goals.

Identify customer technology requirements.

Identify constraints in the customer's physical environment.

Pre-sales Technical Support (28%)

Describe differences between DS8000 and other IBM storage products.

Given a scenario, describe when to select DS8000 as the preferred IBM storage product.

Describe technical capabilities of the DS8000 system.

Compare DS8000 advantages over competitor products.

Solution Architecture (29%)

Given a scenario, configure a system to meet a customer requirements.

Given a scenario, ensure a solution is supported in a customer's SAN and server infrastructure.

Determine the capacity required to support multiple platforms.

Given a scenario, design a solution to meet the desired performance of a storage subsystem.

Given a scenario, architect a solution that includes advanced functions of the DS8000.

Given a scenario, architect a replication solution in metro, global, and three-site environments including sizing of connectivity requirements and copy services.

Given a scenario, determine required licenses.

Identify requirements and benefits of additional external software.

Given a scenario, conduct a TDA of a DS8000.

Solution Design and Implementation (25%)

Describe how to perform administrative tasks in the CLI and GUI in the DS8000.

Describe license management in the DS8000.

Given a scenario, design the logical configuration in the DS8000.

Given a scenario, determine sizing requirements of a design.

Given a scenario, design host access in the DS8000.

Given a scenario, design detailed point-in-time copy solution and remote copy services solution.

Describe remote support capabilities in the DS8000.

Describe local alerting features and functions in the DS8000.

Describe security features and functions in the DS8000.

Given a scenario, describe processes, procedures, or resources to help resolve installation and implementation issues related to the DS8000.

Describe additional IBM fee-based services and resources.

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NO.1 Which two local alerting notification methods can be configured on the IBM DS8870? (Choose
C. Syslog
Answer: A,E

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NO.2 What are two characteristics of the High Performance Flash Enclosures (HPFEs) available in the
IBM DS8870?(Choose two.)
A. Up to eight HPFE features can be installed.
B. Each HPFE supports up to thirty 400 GB SSDs.
C. Each HPFE can support 16 or 30 Flash cards.
D. HPFEs are installed using standard disk enclosure space.
E. HPFEs share DAs with other HDDs/SSDs.
Answer: A,C

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NO.3 Which solution should you recommend to a customer looking for and FB storage solution that
can support a minimum of 72 8 Gb direct FC host connections and 1.2 PB raw capacity of storage?
A. Three Frame, 2-core IBM DS8870 Business Class
B. Single Frame 4-core IBM DS8870 Enterprise Class
C. Four Frame, 16-core IBM DS8870 Business Class
D. Two Frame, 8-core IBM DS8870 Enterprise Class
Answer: D

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pen(see table 3)

NO.4 During the Technical and Delivery Assessment pre-sales review, a customer identifies a
requirement to implement Easy Tier Server with its new IBM DS8870 deployment.
Which planning requirement must be discussed as part of the checklist planning review?
A. Supported on native AIX servers (non-VIOS) only
B. VIOS with direct attachment to the DS8870
C. A minimum AIX OS level (AIX 7.1 TL3 or higher)
D. A minimum of dual 16-Gbps connectivity via SAN
Answer: B

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NO.5 What IBM software enables multiple database aware backups?
A. IBM Spectrum Protect
B. FlashCopy Manager
C. FlashCopy Space Efficient
D. Remote Pair FlashCopy
Answer: A

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