試験科目:SAP Certified Application Associate - Production - Planning & Manufacturing with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 (C_TSCM42_66日本語版)
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試験科目:SAP Certified Application Associate - Cloud HCM Employee Central
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    NO.1 How do you create a new picklist?
    A. Export all picklists and add a new picklist ID and new picklist values to the file.
    B. Enter the new picklist values into the OptionId column.
    C. Import the picklist file using the Picklist Mappings tool.
    D. Export the data format and add a new picklist ID and new picklist values to the file.
    Answer: D

    SAP割引 C_THR81_1405回答 C_THR81_1405試験感想

    NO.2 What can you do with the Pivot Query Designer?
    Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
    A. You can calculate statistics, such as the average, variance and standard deviation.
    B. You can schedule the distribution of created tables and charts directly from the tool.
    C. You can manipulate list report data.
    D. You can create tables and charts.
    Answer: C,D

    SAPパッケージ C_THR81_1405試験問題集 C_THR81_1405練習問題

    NO.3 What data model do you use to set up a National ID display format?
    A. Country-specific Corporate Data Model
    B. Country-specific Succession Data Model
    C. Succession Data Model
    D. Corporate Data Model
    Answer: B

    SAP参考書勉強 C_THR81_1405模擬モード C_THR81_1405方法

    NO.4 What rule event type do you use to have the legal entity field automatically filled in when
    opening Add New Employee?
    A. onSave
    B. onEdit
    C. onView
    D. onInit
    Answer: D

    SAP資格試験 C_THR81_1405受験料過去問 C_THR81_1405対策

    NO.5 Where can you create new positions?
    Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
    A. In the Company Settings section
    B. In the Company Info section
    C. In the Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures tool
    D. In the Manage Data tool
    Answer: B,D

    SAP攻略 C_THR81_1405問題集 C_THR81_1405資格試験 C_THR81_1405復習資料

    NO.6 How can you update Job Information data?
    Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
    A. Import data using the Import and Export Data tool.
    B. Directly edit data using the Take Action button on the Employment Information page.
    C. Import data using the Import Foundation Data tool.
    D. Import data using the Import Employee Data tool.
    Answer: B,D

    SAP教科書 C_THR81_1405無料 C_THR81_1405試験問題集

    NO.7 Your customer wants to set the default value of the "Is Full Time" field to "Yes" during the new
    hire process.
    What would be the base object of this rule?
    A. Employment Details
    B. Job Information
    C. Personal Information
    D. Employee Information
    Answer: D

    SAP試合 C_THR81_1405受験記対策 C_THR81_1405勉強の資料

    NO.8 Based on the information in the attached screenshot, what XML configuration would you use to
    configure propagation mapping?
    A. <propagation-mapping foundation-field="location.standardHours"
    hrisfield="jobInfo.externalCode" />
    B. <propagation-mapping foundation-field="location.externalCode" hrisfield="jobInfo.externalCode"
    C. <propagation-mapping foundation-field="location.standardHours" hrisfield="jobInfo.location" />
    D. <propagation-mapping foundation-field="location.externalCode" hrisfield="jobInfo.location" />
    Answer: D

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